Gold Sheen Obsidian Palm Stone


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This piece is magnificent and striking with its luminescent golden flares, flashing brilliantly as you turn them in the light (from an opaque black to gold). This piece is a supreme tool for meditations that dive deep into the depths of your shadow. Golden sheen obsidian is the only stone that tackles shadow integration. Our shadow is the collective, repressed parts of ourselves our darker behaviors, patterns, and tendencies. We all have a shadow. The question is, to what extent will we acknowledge and work with our shadow? A great deal of magical work is about integrating and creating a balance between shadow with light. Shadow can only harm us when it goes unacknowledged and hidden, while what we acknowledge comes into the light, bringing us closer to precious wholeness.

Work with this stone in meditations and rituals that invite your shadow aspects to come forth into the light, so that every part of you may shine brilliantly.

Measures approx 3.5″” long x 2.5″” wide. Fits nicely in the palm.


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