Citrine Bath Crystals


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Citrine Bath Salts will help lift depressive thoughts and encourage an optimism for life. This combination is wonderful for those who suffer with a lack of concentration, or feel uninspired, or unsatisfied. This uplifting blend helps attract abundance and prosperity by clearing out the gloom and welcoming in the new through specific scents and intentions meant to aid in reviving a zest for life.

Each bottle makes approx 4-6 baths.

Ceridwen’s Bath Salt Crystals are hand blended with essential oils, naturally occurring minerals and salt found in Arkansas where the geothermal activity is world renowned for strong healing properties. Their unique recipes come from a formula that has been passed down for more than 30 years. Each batch is created during the correct phase of the moon (Waxing for Manifestation, Full for balance/self care, and Waning for letting go of what you no longer need/want), and is charged with intention.


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