Psychic Protection Oil


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Enhance your ability to create energetic protection for yourself as you work with other realms. Psychic protection is important for everyone who is doing spiritual or psychic development work. Wear on your neck and ankles to guard against jinxes, curses, and the evil eye. This oil can also be used to anoint candles and magical tools for rituals.

Hand blended and therefore individually made, these amazing blends of high-quality pure oils, gemstone essences, and magically active herbal extracts are gathered and prepared under the correct magical conditions and phases of the moon. Based on arcane knowledge, magical aromatherapy is a combination of natural and supernatural energies working together for transformation and evolutionary change. This oil can be used directly on the skin, burned in an oil burner, sprinkled around the house, added to bath water, or put a few drops on your pillow before going to bed.


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