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Dream dream, even for a little while
Debbie Harry
Sleep is medicine. Dreaming in a sleep state or daydreaming while wide awake is a way to recharge and reimagine. It rejuvenates the body and expands our minds, lets us into other realms, and invites us to listen to our subconscious. In dreaming, we receive messages and insights – which we can reflect on to see  actual realities, new opportunities, and what is possible through manifestation and work.
This Debbie Harry inspired candle is for welcoming our dreams and the messages and insights they offer us as our own Oracles and Empaths. Finished with amethyst, amazonite, malachite, mugwort, and damiana, it conjures up the magic and inspiration of one of the most incredible women in music, fashion and film and the power of imagination, manifestation and dream work. It offers an opportunity to get rid of the old, tap into your subconscious mind, heal and move forward from past hurt and trauma, see new possibilities and prepare to welcome, manifest and make your own magic as you move forward.
Purple is elegant, mysterious and powerful. The color purple is useful for anything relating to mysticism, psychic abilities and power. It is also helpful during meditation and divination. Purple can be used in magic relating to attaining wisdom, knowledge, and breaking streaks of bad luck to move forward and make manifest.
This candle is finished with amethyst for dream interpretation and to remeber dreams, amazonite to bring dreams into reality, malachite to ground and decode the patterns of your dreams, mugwort for protection and psychic understanding, and daminana for astral projection, deep understanding and ease of anxiety while releasing pressure and past hurt.
Fade away and radiate…